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Black only Toner Refills for Recycling Laser Cartridges

Colour refill Toner Powder for Colour Laser Printers

Compatible toner refill bottles available for Brother - Epson - HP - -  -  - Konica - Kyocera - Samsung  - OKI - Lexmark - Xerox Laser Printer cartridges

colour laser toner refill ink powderFOR COLOUR LASER REFILLS

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Brother Toner Refill
Canon Toner Refill
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Colour refill Toner for Epson Colour Laser printers EPSON Toner Refill
Colour refill Toner for HP Colour Laser printers Hewlett Packard toner refill - HP
Lexmark Toner Refill

Colour refill Toner for Minolta Colour Laser printers

Konica Minolta toner Refill
Kyocera Toner Refills

Colour refill Toner for OKI  Colour Laser printers

OKI Toner Refill

Ricoh Toner Refill

Colour toner refills for Samsung CLP 500/ 500N / 510 / 510N / 550 / 550N

Samsung toner Refill

Xerox Toner Refills


Up to 85% savings

DIY TONER REFILLS - an easy way to save serious amounts of money?
If your laser printer copier or fax machine cartridge is empty!. Donít add it to the Landfill!
Refill with quality toner powder and reduce your per print running costs!
We supply bottles of toner - a starter refill kit of tools in fact everything you need to make refilling empty cartridges a simple job. Many of our bottles are equal to 2 refills e.g. some cartridges take 95gms to refill!

Be  environmentally friendly - Recycle - Reuse - Revive for maximum cost savings and lowest printer running costs. Toner cartridges can be reused many times - manufacturers don't want you to - Thatís how they make their huge profits!

The lifetime cost of all the cartridges you buy is typically many times the original cost of the printer, and manufacturers try to ensure you keep on buying them.

Itís a classic marketing technique where they sell the machine cheaply and the consumables for a small fortune!

Refill empty Toner Cartridges and save Cash

Up to 85% savings Possible

Manufacturers are in many cases making the print yield of their cartridges smaller - If you get the printer at a relatively low price don't expect a "Full" cartridge. There is a trend towards smaller laser toner cartridges e.g. 1000 page yield in some recent models - unheard of previously in laser cartridges. Traditionally laser printers were mainly found in offices. Business users would not thank the manufacturers for a printer that they had to replace the cartridges every other day. However, home working and small offices have seen a change to all that - printers that have a smaller footprint have become much more desirable. To achieve this manufacturers have made the cartridges smaller. This has had the knock on effect of making the printers and cartridges - more affordable. There is, however, a sting in the tail e.g. a cartridge which has a print yield of 1000 pages may now cost only £30 - compare this to a 5000 page cartridge which might cost £100! You see what I mean - The small cartridge appears cheaper to buy - but the per page cost has risen by 50%!

All this adds to the case for cartridge refilling! If you have one of the printers listed on our toner refill pages you can reduce your printing costs quite significantly whether or not you have a Starter / Lower Yield / Economy Cartridge or not.

Plus you are doing your bit to save the Planet by recycling empty cartridges

Quality Purchase bargain printer refill cuts running costs PROPRINT REFILL TONER Cartridge Toner and Ink Refills |
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Other Compatible colour toner refill bottles available for  Brother ∑ Epson ∑ HP ∑ QMS ∑  Mannesmann Tally Genicom ∑  Minolta ∑ Konica ∑ Samsung  ∑ OKI ∑ Lexmark ∑ Xerox Laser Printer cartridges

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