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Jettec Official Retailer Jettec for printer cartridges, toners, CDs, DVDs, cables, paper. Epson, HP, Canon, Lexmark, Xerox, Olivetti, Apple, Brother, IBM

Quality ISO9000 - UK manufactured

Jettec high quality ink cartridges for Epson and Canon inkjet printers

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Jetset refill inks and refill kits

Jettec high quality Epson compatible ink cartridges for Epson inkjet printers
Refill bottles of ink and refill kits High quality ink cartridges for Epson and Canon inkjet printers byJettec


JetTec Ink

We supply the widest possible range of printer cartridges and refills made by Jet Tec. These include:- compatible and remanufactured printer ink cartridges for Epson, Canon, Lexmark, HP and Brother. Jettec have a policy of providing maximum value by fully filling the printer ink cartridges, this means that in most cases they contain much more ink than the original OEM inkjet cartridge.

Quality is a bye word for their printer inks and toner cartridges contain ink that is guaranteed to match the quality of the original manufacturers ink,
giving you top quality printing results. Jet Tec printer ink cartridges are generally regarded as the highest quality compatible printer cartridges available. As an ISO 9002 certified company Jettec is Europe's leading inkjet cartridge manufacturer. The specialist ink used in their printer cartridges is carefully formulated by Qualified chemists who work in their laboratories to design and manufacturer high quality, colour matched ink to match the performance of each printer type, the quality of its ink jet cartridges equalling or superseding that of the original manufacturer.

Jettec Ink Cartridges for Epson Printers

Our compatible Epson printer ink cartridges contain more ink than the original inkjet cartridges with modified cartridge chips allowing more ink to be released from the
Jettec Printer Ink Cartridges for HP Printers

Our Hewlett Packard printer ink cartridges are remanufactured in the UK by Jet Tec, to the highest standard, they offer huge savings over the cost of the original HP inkjet cartridges and in many cases contain more ink. Printer ink is matched to that of the original cartridge.
Jettec Printer Ink Cartridges for Canon Printers

We supply both remanufactured and compatible Canon printer ink cartridges depending upon printer model. Once again more ink than the original printer cartridges is offered and huge savings over the cost of the original inkjets.
Jet Tec Ink Cartridges for Lexmark Printers

We stock all of the popular Lexmark printer ink cartridges, once again remanufactured in the UK by Jettec and guaranteed to work in your printer to the quality of the original printer cartridges.
Jet Tec Ink Cartridges for Brother Printers

Our Brother printer ink cartridges offer huge savings over the cost of the original printer cartridges. These compatible cartridges are manufactured by Jetec and support all of the popular Brother multi-function and fax printers.

JetTec wins Queens Award for money saving printer cartridges
Jet Tec, Europe's leading manufacturer of compatible inkjet printer cartridges, has won the Queen's Award for Innovation for its Extra Life technology that allows them to put up to 100% more usable ink into the printer cartridge.
Jet Tec Extra Life cartridges are compatible with the popular Epson inkjet printers.

About the product
Jet Tec Extra Life printer cartridges feature a tiny microprocessor mounted on the inkjet cartridge that allows the printer to extract more ink from the cartridge after it has initially given the signal that the ink has run out. This results in 30% more prints before the cartridge has to be discarded.
Normal inkjet cartridges for Epson printers stop working when the printer decides that the cartridge is close to empty, despite the fact that some ink always remains inside. The alternative design of the Jet Tec Extra Life inkjet cartridges allows them to contain and deliver more ink, and the printer can access this ink thanks to Jet Tec's patent pending "Smart Chip"
Now, thanks to Jet Tec's Extra Life technology, these inkjet cartridges are not only considerably cheaper than the original cartridges, but you get up to 100% more printing capacity absolutely free!

About Jettec
UK based Jet Tec is Europe's largest manufacturer of compatible inkjet cartridges, employing over 250 people. Further staff are now employed at distribution centres in Ettlingen, Germany, and Las Vegas, USA.
The Jet Tec brand was created by DCI for the domestic UK market in 1996 and has now grown into an international brand with distribution of printer cartridges in all major countries of the world.
Jettec inkjet cartridges are manufactured in Boston, Lincolnshire, UK. to a very high standard using a tool room that is one of the most technically advanced in Europe.
As a result of this, the Jettec brand is known as the highest quality product on the market.

Jet Tec Ink Cartridges

Jet Tec are Europe's leading brand of compatible cartridges for inkjet and laser printers. All Jet Tec cartridges are produced in the UK and are fully guaranteed for quality. Over recent years, Jet Tec have established an enviable reputation in the printer cartridge and ink market for producing high quality products that offer outstanding value for money.

Why Use Jet Tec?

The use of Jet Tec cartridges as an alternative to original manufacturer branded cartridges in your printer is recommended because they allow you to achieve great printing results whilst also saving money. Jet Tec cartridges enable you to achieve the same great quality printing that you would expect when purchasing an OEM branded cartridge, but at the same time can help to significantly reduce the costs of your printing.

Ink jet and laser toner cartridges produced by JetTec are regularly used by a wide range of customers for all types of printing in locations such as offices, retail environments and homes. They are one of the UK's most popular brand of printer cartridge because of both their great quality and the significant cost savings that they offer.

As Jet Tec produces a huge range of inkjet and laser cartridges that are compatible with the majority of printers popular in the UK, they are suitable for anyone who is looking for good value but doesn't want to compromise on quality.

Finding The Right Jet Tec Product

Jet Tec printer cartridges are available for a comprehensive range of printers from the leading printer manufacturers. To find the right Jet Tec cartridge for your printer; start by selecting the name of your printer's manufacturer from the options above.

If you are unsure about exactly which Jet Tec cartridge you need for your printer, call our friendly and professional team on 01926 339 977 and we will be delighted to help you.

  • high quality Jettec ink cartridges with 30% or 100% more prints cartridges for many Epson compatible printers
  •  Jettec compatible cartridges offer extra page life !! i.e. more prints per cartridge than equivalent  original products - with the same print quality guaranteed. JETTEC PRODUCTS ARE 100% UK MANUFACTURED Jet Tec Quality Printing Guaranteed All inkjet cartridges manufactured by Jet Tec are fully guaranteed against defects due to faulty materials or workmanship. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with a Jet Tec inkjet product then please return the product to us with proof of purchase for a full refund. If for any reason the situation arises whereby it is claimed that a Jet Tec product has damaged the printer, the following shall apply. Jet Tec guarantee that, in normal use its products will not cause damage or abnormal wear when used in printers in which they are designed to operate. Jet Tec shall not be liable to the buyer if any damage or abnormal wear to a printer that is claimed to have been caused by a Jet Tec Product, could have been caused by goods not supplied by Jet Tec used in the printer before or after the use of a Jet Tec product. Jet Tec reserve the right to collect and inspect and if necessary repair the printer. If it is found that damage has occurred as a direct result of a Jet Tec cartridge then Jet Tec will repair the printer or replace the printer with a working equivalent, and return the printer within 20 working days of receipt of the defective device. Jet Tecís liability for the buyer shall not exceed the amount required to repair or replace the printer if found damaged by a Jet Tec product. This Guarantee shall cease to take effect if the Jet Tec products are damaged, either wilfully or negligently dismantled or otherwise tampered with or misused by, for or on behalf or the buyer or any third party.

    All inkjet printers have a finite life span. A print head may fail due to it reaching the end of its working life. In this specific case it is not the Jet Tec product that has damaged the print head. Although we cannot determine the true age and level of use of a printer, Jet Tec will use their discretion to determine whether the printer has reached the end of its life. This is best determined by looking back to the date the printer became obsolete according to the printer manufacturer. If we determine the printer had indeed reached the end of its life we accept no responsibility and will not be liable to repair the printer.

    Other cartridge brands may also be supplied.

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    Universal Inks and Refill Kits : Canon Refill Kits : Epson Refill Kits
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    Ultra Chrome Hi-Gloss ink offers pigment based Ultra Chrome technology, featuring new red and blue inks, and Gloss Optimizer. This unique combination of Ultra Chrome Hi-Gloss ink delivers a wider colour gamut, improved media support, and higher quality gloss output than previously available for your Epson R800.

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