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Jet Tec 30% extra Epson Compatible Inkjet Cartridges - Inkjet refill kits

30% Extra page yield - gives more prints than Epson original cartridges

Quality ISO9000 - UK manufactured





It is fairly well known that when Epson original cartridge "switch off" there is still ink remaining in the so called "empty" cartridge.

JetTec have redesigned Epson's chip and cartridge designs to extend the useful life of the cartridges by releasing the remaining ink with a 30% extra - resetting chip and fully filling the cartridge to increase the total ink available. These improvements to the Epson designs mean that users of JetTec 30% extra compatibles will obtain 30% more prints than the equivalent Epson cartridge in "like for like" usage.


EPSON R200 - R300 - R320 - RX500 - RX600 - RX620

EPSON C82 - CX5100 - CX5200 - CX5300 - CX5400

EPSON C64 - C66 - C84 - C86 - CX3600 - CX3650 - CX6400 - CX6600  

EPSON 810 / 820 / 830 / 925 / 935

EPSON 780 / 785EPX / 790 / 870 / 870LE / 875DC / 875DCS / 890 / 895 / 915

EPSON 1270 / 1280 / 1290 / Photo 900

D68 | D88 | DX3800 | DX3850 | DX4800 | DX4850

EPSON C70 - C80

EPSON C42 - C44 - C46

EPSON C62 - CX3200


EPSON R800 - R1800


British-based, JET TEC, a leading manufacturer of compatible inkjet printer cartridges, has won a "Queen’s Award for Innovation" for its Extralife technology that allows Jet Tec to put 30% more usable ink into the cartridge. Now this innovative technology has been applied to the latest Epson printers to Double the Print yield

In the wake of a national media outcry against the ‘hidden’ costs of running a printer, Jet Tec launched its own 30% Extra page yield - gives more prints than Epson original cartridges cartridges and more recently 100% Extra (Double Life) these reduce wasted ink and save consumers money.

JetTec Extralife cartridges are compatible with the popular Epson inkjet printers, and have been an extremely big seller worldwide since the launch of the new range. The 2004 Queen’s Award has delighted the whole team at Jet Tec, according to MD John Studholme, who said of the award, “The Queen’s Award will give us a vital boost in the battle against cheap imports in the fiercely competitive inkjet consumables market. Much credit for this award must go to our in-house research and development team, who developed the microchips, the cartridge designs, the ink and even the machines and tools used to manufacture the products, all from scratch.”

Jet Tec Extralife cartridges feature a tiny microprocessor mounted on the cartridge that allows the printer to extract more ink from the cartridge after it has initially given the signal that the ink has run out. This results in 30% more prints (model dependent) before the cartridge has to be discarded.

Current ordinary inkjet cartridges for Epson printers stop working when the printer decides that the cartridge is close to empty, despite the fact that some ink always remains inside. The alternative design of the Jet Tec Extralife cartridges allows them to contain and deliver more ink, and the printer can access this ink thanks to Jet Tec’s patent pending “Smart Chip”.

Says Studholme, “Now, thanks to JetTec’s Extralife technology, not only are these inkjet cartridges considerably cheaper than the original cartridges, but the consumer gets 30% more or 100% more printing capacity absolutely free.”

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