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Hewlett Packard

Printer Models

Manufacturers Cartridge Code No Ink Volume Price ex Vat Delivered Price inc Vat
Deskjet 400/500 APOLLO 1200 & 1220 51626A No.26 40mL 11.05 12.99
Deskjet 400/500 APOLLO 1200 51625A No.25 19.5mL   check availability
Deskjet 600 - 690 (NOT 610 & 640)  APOLLO 2400 51629A No.29 40mL 12.75 14.99
Deskjet 600 SERIES APOLLO 2400 51649A No.49 19.5mL    
Deskjet 610 & 640 APOLLO 2100 & 2200 C6614 No.20 40mL    
Deskjet 710 / 720 / 820 / 850 / 870 / 880 / 890 / 895 / 930 / 950 / 970 / 980 / 990     1100 / 1600 SERIES G - K & R series 51645A No.45 42mL   11.99
Deskjet 710 / 720 / 810 / 880 / 890 / 1170 / 1175 / T&R SERIES  PSC500 C1823D No.23 38mL 17.02 check availability
Deskjet 810 / 840 / 843 / 845 / 920 / 940 / 960 / 995 / PSC500 C6615 No.15 42mL 11.99
Deskjet 816 / 840 / 843 / 845 C6625 No.17 38mL 17.02 19.99
Deskjet 920 / 930 / 940 / 950 / 960 / 970 / 980 / 990 / 995 / 1220 / P1000 Photosmart Models Officejet g - k & v40 series PSC750 - Fax 1220 C6578A No.78 38mL 17.02 19.99



Printer Models

Manufacturers Cartridge Code No Price ex Vat Delivered Price inc Vat
1000/1020/1100/2030/2050/3000/Winwriter150c 13400HC 11.05 12.99
1000/1020/1100/2030/2050/3000/Winwriter150c 1380620 11.05 12.99
1000/1020/1100/2030/2050/3000/Winwriter150c 13619HC   check availability
3200/5000/5700/7000/7200/Z11/Z31/Z42/Z51/Z52 Z53/Z82/X73 12A1970 12.75 14.99
3200/5000/5700/7000/7200/Z11/Z31/ Kodak PPM100 12A1980 check availability
Z42/Z51/Z52/Z53/Z82/X73 - Compaq IJ1200 15M0120   check availability
Z12/Z22/Z32/Compaq IJ600 17G0050   check availability
Z12/Z22/Z32/Compaq IJ600 17G0060   check availability
Note:- If your printer model is not included in the list of printers please check your cartridge code numbers with those above - new printer models are constantly being introduced
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