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We Offer the UK's Lowest Prices on Epson stylus Chip Resetter Cartridges and Delivery is only £2 flat rate but Spend £30 or more and get Free delivery! ink refill kit for Epson Chip Resetter inkjet cartridges for Epson ink Printer ink Cartridges and Inkjet Cartridges. 100% Guaranteed 100% Full of Ink 100% Recycled - UK's lowest prices, only £9.95 minimum order, same day despatch, money back guarantee, secure online ordering
"Our comapatible cartridge epsom Chip Resetter. Epson stylus Epson chip resetter We supply bottles of toner - a starter refill kit of tools in fact everything you need to make refilling empty cartridges a simple job. Inkjet Cartridges Ink Cartridge Refill Store

With Epson inkjet Printers there is no longer such thing a a "Universal" Chip Resetters

RESETTERS FOR THE LATEST EPSON PRINTER MODELS - new printers have a different chips and will require a different Chip Resetter from the ones previously available. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FULL RANGE:-

Chip Resetters

Please Note - When the T16 / T18 / T26 / T27 / T29 / T02 / T03 / 202 / 502 / 603 / 34 / 35 / 378 Epson cartridges indicate "X" on the ink level monitor they may not reset. They may indicate a reset i.e. turn green but still indicate "X" in the printer. Therefore no guarantee can be given that it will continue to print - this is an Epson mechanism within their cartridges which prevents low reading chips being reset. You should also refill before resetting as this also is a factor in success or failure

7 Pin and 9 Pin CHIP RE-SETTER YXD268 - YXD968 and YXD768


Ink Cartridge Chip Resetter




Ink Cartridge Chip Resetter


  9 Pin Epson Chip Resetter

Resetter for Epson 9 Pin Chips



The ink level of EPSON intelligent cartridge is recorded in the chip IC, which accurately records ink usage. Once the chip on the cartridge “switches off” the printer stops and cannot be used until a new cartridge is installed. Simply refilling with ink does not work - this can result in high printing costs. Which magazine recently demonstrated that by using a "Chip Re-setter alone to reset Epson chips gave between 17 and 38% more prints. Chip resetting is one solution to substantially lower running / printing costs and is described below:-

The YXD268 - MKIV Resetter can reset & refill the chip IC on Epson intelligent ink cartridges, and does not alter the properties of the cartridge(s). Empty cartridges can then be reused repeatedly for multiple refills using the same black or colour cartridges and chips.

The YXD268  - MKIV Re-setter is versatile - it identifies the type of ink cartridge, and then automatically reprogrammes the chip on the cartridge resetting it to "full" mode. It is compatible with most Epson intelligent ink cartridges currently available. (Listed below)

YXD268 Chip Resetter figure 1            YXD268 Chip Resetters figure 2  

Chip Resetters can be used on the following Cartridges Types: T007 · T008 · T009 · T015 · T016 · T017 · T018 · T026 · T027 · T028 · T029 · T0321 · T0322 · T0323 · T0324 · T0331 · T0332 · T0333 · T0334 · T0335 · T0336 · T0341 · T0342 · T0343 · T0344 · T0345 · T0346 · T0347 · T0348 · T036 · T037 · TO37 · TO39 · T0421 · T0422 · T0423 · T0424 · T0441 · T0442 · T0443 · T0444 · TO452 · TO453 · TO454 · T0481 · T0482 · T0483 · T0484 · T0485 · T0486 · TO551 · T559 · T0552  · T0553 · T0554 · TO611 · T0612 · T0613 · T0614

Chip Re-setters can be used on cartridges for the following Epson printers: Stylus 680 · 777 · C41 · C42 · C44 · C43 · C46 · C50 · C60 · C61 · C62 · C63 · C64 · C66 · C70 · C70+ · C80 · C82 · C84 · C86 · CX3100 · CX3200 · CX3600 · CX3650 · CX5100 · CX5200 / CX6400 · CX6600 · Photo 780 · 785EPX · 790 · 810 · 820 · 830 · 870 · 870LE · 875DC · 875DCS · 890 · 895 · 900 · 915 · 925 · 935 · 950 · 960 · 1270 · 1280 · 1290 · 2000P · 2100 · 2200 · R200 · R210 · R220 · R240 · R245 · R300 · R310 · R320 · R340 · RX400 · RX420 · RX425 · RX440 · RX460 · RX480 · RX500 · RX520 · RX540 · RX600 · RX620 · R800 · R1800 · D68 · D88 · DX3800 · DX3850 · DX4800 · DX4850 and variants 

Instructions for use

Please note that the reset unit contains a number of notches, these are designed to couple with the various Epson black and color chipped cartridges.

Reset Procedure:

1.Align the cartridge to the correct notch on the reset unit so that the chip contacts and the pins on the resetter meet.  


2.Keep the two units in firm contact. If the red light is flashing, it shows the two units contact well.


3.If the red light turns to green, it shows the reset operation has been successful.

YXD268 Chip Re-setterfigure 3                                  YXD268 Chip Re-setters figure 4

4.The cartridge is now ready for refilling with ink.  


To reset ink cartridge of Epson Stylus C64 · C66 · C70 · C80 · C82 · C84 · C86

and Stylus Photo 910 · 950 · 960 · 2100 · 2200 · R200 · R300 · RX500 · RX600

· R800 · CX3600 · CX5100 · CX5200 · CX5400 · CX6400 · CX6600

As figure 5 (below) shows, a plastic guide plate is included for positioning the cartridges used in the printers. The New YXD268 - MKIV contains two guide plates. The one as shown below is for the  C70 · C80 · C82 and Stylus Photo 910 · 950 · 960 · 2100 and 2200 models. The other bracket is for the  C64 · C66 · C84 · C86 · CX3600 · CX3650 · CX6400 · CX6600 and Stylus Photo · R200 · R300 · R800 · RX500 · RX600 models

When resetting these cartridges, the correct plastic guide plate should first be attached to the edge of the reset unit, as shown. The cartridge should then be brought up to the resetter so that the side of the cartridge is in contact with the plastic guide plate.

YXD268 Epson Chip Resetterfigure  5       YXD268 Chip Resetter reset Epson inkjet cartridges  figure 6

1.After the red LED flashes, it stays on and doesn’t turn green

a). The pins on the resetter are not in good contact with the chip on the cartridge. The contacts may have dirt or residue on them.

b). If the ink cartridge is not an original Epson brand ink cartridge, the chip may be not compatible with the resetter.

c). If the ink cartridge is an original Epson brand ink cartridge, the chip may be burned out or Epson may have changed the chip design. The Chip Resetter still can work with this kind of ink cartridge to reset the ink level, only the green light won’t shine, the red LED does.

2.The printing quality is not up to standard

a). The quality of the ink you are using may be inferior. We recommend using inks that are specifically matched to Epson’s original colors and other characteristics. (Especially if you are printing digital photographs and expect to achieve matching colours.)

b). Air bubbles trapped in ink. To avoid this, inject the ink VERY slowly. Also, allow the cartridge to rest for 24 hours with the ink exit nozzles facing down before using.

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