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HP 901 cartridge refills

HP Officejet 4500 / 4500 wireless / J4524 / J4525 / J4535 / J4540 / J4550 / J4580 / J4585 / J4624 / J4660 / J4680 / J4680C


Cartridge Nos. CC653A - CC656A - CC654A - HP Nos. 901 - 901XL

Cartridge No.s - CC653A - CC656A - CC654A - N0 901 - 901XL

HP Cartridges - Unique Refill Kits  -

Slash Printing Costs by refilling your empty

The Manufacturer has cut the ink in the standard cartridge - Look how many refills a kit is equal to! - Black - 8 times and Colour - 8 - 12 refills! - Do the sums to see the difference in your running costs.

Or Buy a Recycled (Fully Filled versions) see below


DESCRIPTION Price Add to Cart
JETTEC Remanufactured 901XL Black Ink Cartridge

CC653A - CC654A - No 901 XL version JETTEC Remanufactured Black Ink Cartridge

approximate yield: Treble the pages of a standard HP black


(Normal HP black contains 4.5mL)


InkTec refill kit HPI-901D for the HP CC653A - CC654A - No 901 Black Cartridge

Unique refill kit HPI-901D for the CC653A - CC654A - No 901 / 901XL Black Cartridges

Kit Contents

A refill clip / priming tool, 2 x 20 mL Pigment Black inks, an ink suction syringe, an adhesive tape, a pair of plastic gloves and detailed instructions are included

(This kit is equivalent to 4-10 fills)


HP CC656A - No 901 Colour Jettec recycled Cartridge

CC656A - No 901 JETTEC Remanufactured / Recycled Colour High Yield Ink Cartridge

approximate yield: 3 times the  pages (colour)


drop size : 5 pl (picoliters)


InkTec refill kit HPI-901C for the HP CC656A - No 901 Colour Cartridges

InkTec refill kit HPI-901C for the CC656A - No HP 901 Colour Cartridge

Kit Contents

A refill clip / priming tool, 3 x 25 mL Cyan / Magenta / Yellow inks, an ink suction syringe, an adhesive tape, a pair of plastic gloves and detailed instructions are included

(This Kit is equivalent to 12 -25 fills)


InkTec refill kit HPI-901D for the HP CC653A - CC654A - No 901 Black Cartridge  InkTec refill kit HPI-901C for the HP CC656A - No 901 Colour Cartridges  DUOPAK - HPI-901D & HPI-901C refill kits for the CC653A - CC654A - No 901 Black + CC656A - No 901 - 901XL Colour Cartridges

(Get up to 8 Black cartridge refills + 10 -12 colour cartridge refills)


Matching Refill ink for HP Printers available Click here to go to that page

Another advancement included in HP 901 cartridges is new, dual-drop-volume technology. This HP technology enables finely detailed graphics and images, up to 4800x1200 dpi, without the need for the lighter, photo dye-load inks used in 6-ink printing. In dual-drop-volume printing, the tri-colour ink cartridge contains specially formulated full dyeload colour inks that are fired onto the page in two different ink droplet volumes. These ink droplets can be as small as 1.3 picoliters (pl) and as large as 5 pl. About 3.8 billion of these 1.3 picoliter droplets would fit in a teaspoon. In dual-drop-volume modes, the printer can fire any combination of small or large ink droplets on a given print position—small and large droplets together, just small drops or just large. These combinations of ink droplets are determined by the printer in order to provide the optimum print quality and speed. Dual-drop volume printing is used when printing in Normal, Best and Maximum-dpi print modes on select HP photo and brochure papers.4 Customers can enable the Maximum dpi setting in the Advanced tab of the printer driver software when printing on HP Advanced Photo Paper.

The new ink cartridge technology also uses high-quality, high-resolution half toning to deliver enhanced gradient tones for smooth, uniform colour output. Half toning is the process used by inkjet printers to lay down different combinations of ink droplets and create the range of colours seen on the printed page. Generally speaking, colour print quality is improved when small ink drops are distributed evenly, with minimal overlap between ink dots. Printers with new cartridge technology achieve these optimal dot-placement patterns using improved half toning algorithms, updated for optimal performance with HP’s new dual-drop-volume technology.

Customers see a large colour gamut, enjoy outstanding colour accuracy and get smooth transitions while using fewer inks and eliminating the need for optional photo cartridges. Customers benefit from HP advanced half toning methods in all print modes. Previously, advanced half toning was available only with the Maximum dpi setting.

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