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Colour Toner Refills for Dell 3130 / 3130cn COLOUR Toner Cartridges

Compatible with DELL CARTRIDGE NOS. -CYAN 593-10166 / 593-10171 - MAGENTA 593-10167 / 593-10172 - YELLOW 593-10168 / 593-10173 - BLACK 593-10169 / 593-10170 - Toner Value Pack - 200-51936 - 200-51939 - OPC Drum - 113R00691 - Belt -

Suppliers of Dell 3130 / 3130cn Colour Toner Refills for laser cartridges

Dell 3130 / 3130cn killer chip

High Capacity Toner Cartridges for this printer cost over £160 per high capacity cartridge! Refills save you over 70% on printing costs

Some say you do not need a chip to do the refill but we cannot confirm this yet. If it is a "Killer chip" which Dies when the printer says the cartridge is "empty", then a new chip is fitted for each refill. The chips are different for each cartridge

Colour Toner BottlesDescription



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Black Refill Toner Bottle

Black Toner Refill Dell 3130 / 3130cn Powder Bottle plus developer

£39+ Vat (20%)£46.00

Where can I save on cartridges for Dell 3130 / 3130cn black refill toner in stock

Dell 3130 / 3130cn Black Chip Replacement

£12.75 + Vat (20%) £14.98

Refill Toner for Dell 3130 / 3130cn yellow refill toner in stock

Compatible with: Dell 3130 / 3130cn - 5-20ppm series Black Developer Cartridges
Product Code: 593-10169 / 593-10170
Contents: 190gms - equivalent to 0.9 Fills - High Capacity 9000 page Black Toner Cartridge

Cyan Colour refill Toner for Dell 3130 / 3130cnN

CYAN Toner Refill Dell 3130 / 3130cn Bottle plus developer

£41 + Vat (20%) £48.30

Where can I save on cartridges for Dell 3130 / 3130cn colour refill toner in stock
Replacement Dell 3130 / 3130cn Chip for CYAN Cartridge

£12.75 + Vat (20%) £14.98

Where can I save on cartridges for Dell 3130 / 3130cnN colour refill toner in stock
Compatible with: Dell 3130 / 3130cn - 5-20ppm series Cyan Developer Cartridge
Product Code: 593-10166 / 593-10171
Contents: 170gms - equivalent to 0.9 Fills - High Capacity 9000 page Cyan Toner Cartridge

Magenta Color refill Toner for Dell 3130 / 3130cnN

Magenta Toner Powder Bottle plus developer for Dell 3130 / 3130cn

£41 + Vat (20%) £48.30

Where can I save on cartridges for Dell 3130 / 3130cnN magenta refill toner in stock
Replacement Chip for Dell 3130 / 3130cn Magenta cartridge

£12.75 + Vat (20%) £14.98

Where can I save on cartridges for Dell 3130 / 3130cnN colour refill toner in stock
Compatible with: Dell 3130 / 3130cn - 5-20ppm series Magenta Developer Cartridge
Product Code: 593-10167 / 593-10172
Contents: 170gms - equivalent to 0.9 Fills - High Capacity 9000 page Magenta Toner Cartridges

Yellow Colour refill Toner for Dell 3130 / 3130cnN

Yellow Refill Dell 3110 / 3115 Bottle plus developer

£41 + Vat (20%) £48.30

Where can I save on cartridges for Dell 3130 / 3130cnN yellow refill toner in stock
Replacement Chip for Yellow cartridge

£12.75 + Vat (20%) £14.98

Where can I save on cartridges for Dell 3130 / 3130cnN colour refill toner in stock
Compatible with: Dell 3130 / 3130cn - 5-20ppm series Yellow Laser Toner Cartridge
Product Code: 593-10168 / 593-10173
Contents: 170gms - equivalent to 0.9 Fills - High Capacity 9000 page Yellow Toner Cartridge
Color refill Toner refill bottles forDell 3130 / 3130cnN colour laser printer Complete set of four bottles of Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/Black Toner Refills for Dell 3130 / 3130cn (with Developers)

£149.57 + Vat (20%) £172.00

Where can I save on cartridges for Dell 3130 / 3130cnN colour refill toner in stock
Complete sets of four of Cyan/ Magenta/Yellow/Black Dell 3130 / 3130cn Chip Replacements

£48 + Vat (20%) £56.40

Where can I save on cartridges for Dell 3130 / 3130cnN colour refill toner in stock
We recommend the Funnels which are not included with the above.

Filler funnel pouring spout for Dell 3130 / 3130cnN toner refills

1 - Filler Funnel £0.99 Inc.Vat (20%) Where can I save on cartridges for Dell 3130 / 3130cnN color refill toner in stock
4 - Filler Spouts / Funnels £3.60 Inc.Vat (20%) Where can I save on cartridges for Dell 3130 / 3130cnN color refill toner in stock
Compatible with: Minolta Toner refill bottles

Toner / Laser Hole Making Tool 

Toner / Laser Hole Making Tool


Where can I save on cartridges for Samsung CLP-350 colour refill toner in stock

Laser Hole Making Tool - Necessary for Dell 3130 / 3130cn cartridges (One only needed)

Refilling instructions for Dell 3130 / 3130cn - models - putting in the powder is fairly easy, however, it is a practical task requiring some basic tools - We supply detailed pictorial instructions with refill toner. Also detailed pictorial instructions can be sent by email.

(1) you require to make a hole into the cartridge using the "Hole Making Tool"

(2) Using a poly bag shake the remaining powder inside the cartridge into the bag - seal and discard

(3) Mix the Developer and Toner for the specific Toner to be refilled together in Toner Bottle

(3) Fit the filler spout onto the bottle - cap it - shake the bottle - uncap then you simply pour in powder

(4) Be careful not to Overfill - Recap the bottle - Then seal the hole made into the cartridge with tape

(5) If chip has expired fit a new chip

Always refill on a surface which can tolerate any spillage.

Generally, it may be a good idea to put in less powder than to "overfill" - but ensure that you are refilling an "empty" - not a half filled cartridge! Always shake the toner bottle vigorously before pouring - this makes the powder flow like liquid.

Resetting the cartridge to "Full" Dell 3130 / 3130cn - Have a Chip on the cartridges - Simply remove the expired chip and fit the new one in it's place There is one chip per cartridge. Some say that if the cartridges are kept topped up with toner the chip will last longer - we cannot verify this.

Dell 3110 Laser Printer cartridge refills The Dell 3130 / 3130cn - 5-20PPM Series is a compact colour laser printer that easily fits on every office desk directly next to you, without obstructing your activities in any way. It can easily be shared with anyone who wants to benefit from the same impressive speed and print quality. One that's exceptionally easy to use and maintain and integrates direct photo print for fast and easy printouts of pictures. but also enables you to print any given document at great speed and quality level.

Make personal colour laser printing as simple as possible. This is what Dell had in mind when designing the Dell 3130 / 3130cn Series. The result is a colour laser printer that is ready to print as soon as you connect it. In fact, a complete set of 5 consumables is pre-installed for you.
With 5 ppm in colour and 20 ppm in black and white, the Dell 3130 / 3130cn / 6180N sets the pace for compact personal laser printing. Thanks to the revolutionary fuser technology and host based processing your prints will come out instantly. With radically improved first page out and a warm-up time 2 to 3 times faster than comparable printers, first page out in only 12 seconds.

The Dell 3130 / 3130cn uses pioneer multi-pass technology, providing sharper text and vivid colours. And thanks to the Professional Colour calibration, you can also count on consistent print calibration from page 1 to 100. So, your prints will always looks alike, whichever way you look at them

You have direct front access to paper, consumables and for maintenance. So you don't even have to move the printer to maintain it! It's as simple as that.

The Dell 3130 / 3130cn has a high quality polymerized toner, offering you a stunning 2400 dpi resolution.

the Dell 3130 / 3130cn guarantees high speed laser printing right at your side. Thanks to a revolutionary fuser technology, the warm-up time is shortened to a mere 49 seconds, so your prints will come out instantly. Also all the page processing is done on the host computer. This will assure you of very quick prints. Together with the standard 10/100 BaseTX Ethernet card that integrates into any network and USB 2.0, the
Dell 3130 / 3130cn proves to be one of the fastest compact workgroup printers on the market today.

Small workgroups who often need to print pictures for professional documents now can save themselves a lot of time. The Dell 3130 / 3130cn is the first colour laser printer to offer direct photo print. Meaning you can print photo’s without use of a computer by simply connecting any PictBridge- compliant digital camera.

Small workgroups with several operation systems will benefit from the Dell 3130 / 3130cn. It comes with Ethernet standard, so it can be set on any network. Thanks to powerful Konica Minolta Raster Language technology, it is possible to print simultaneously from Windows, Mac3 and Linux networks. To meet your growing workgroup printing demands, the Dell 3130 / 3130cn can be equipped with low cost options such as a lower feeder to increase paper capacity to 700 and extra memory to enhance direct photo print performance and functionality. Add the automatic duplexer to create double-sided prints and start to reduce printing costs. The Dell 3130 / 3130cn proves a great scalable solution for such a compact printer.

With Chip technology on the cartridges this is more than just a small nuisance for refillers and recyclers. You don't have to be too cynical to question whether manufacturers do this deliberately to make it more difficult to recycle their cartridges and force end users to purchase new cartridges

The Evolution of Chip Technology
The emergence of cartridge computer chips has forever changed the toner cartridge aftermarket. Never before had there existed such an absolute "off" switch capable of positively locking out the aftermarket. Since their first widespread emergence in 1996, cartridge chips have been growing in sophistication. Today, OEMs are utilizing the latest ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) designs, as well as cutting-edge encoding technologies. We add information about the chip technology and Computer Chip Usage in Toner Cartridges as and when we have it.

Product Description Dell 3130 / 3130cn - printer - colour - laser
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year warranty
Printer Type Personal printer - laser - colour
Max Media Size (Standard) Legal, A4
Dimensions (WxDxH) 43 cm x 39.5 cm x 34.1 cm
Weight 18 kg
Max Resolution ( B&W ) 2400 dpi x 600 dpi
Processor 48 MHz
RAM Installed ( Max ) 32 MB
Media Type Envelopes, transparencies, labels, plain paper, glossy paper, postcard, recycled paper
Total Media Capacity 200 sheets
System Requirements Microsoft Windows 98SE/2000/ME/XP
Max Resolution ( Colour ) 2400 dpi x 600 dpi
Max Media Size (Custom) 216 mm (Legal) x 356 mm (Legal)
Interface Hi-Speed USB
Print Speed Up to 20 ppm - B/W
Up to 5 ppm - colour
Monthly Duty Cycle 35000 pages
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